Workshop ALPES


LEADER                                     ESAAIX

PARTNERS                               CDLB, IPL, MVM, Uex

NATURE EVENT                      WS1 Workshop

ASSOCIATED EVENT            Exhibitions (IDBL, Castelo Branco, Malpartida)

ARTISTS                                    Abraham Poincheval, Catherine Melin, Carlos Casteleira.

ACTORS                                     8 students ESAAIX (FR) + 1 IPL (PT) + 1 UEx (ES)

PLACE                                         Saint Jurs and Digne les Bains, France

DATES                                        3-8 April 2023
DURATION                              6 days

COMMUNICATION              The results of the workshop will be presented at IDBL, École Préparatoire des Alpes de Haute Provence, at Digne les Bains. This artistic display will be shown at other PES_CE events (Mun.CB in Castelo Branco (PT), AGRICULTURE AND BIODIVERSITY, Campagne Première at Arles (FR) and FINAL SEMINAR in Malpartida.

SUPPORTS                               Social media, partners’ sites and press releases

DESCRIPTION                         This workshop aims to explore the territory of the Alpes de Haute Provence and the daily life of its inhabitants and their way of life in the mountains. Relationships with local communities, shepherds, farmers, workers, craftsmen and mobile inhabitants, visits to various sites, experiencing with all senses… all will be worked out in relation with the environment. Special attention is paid to seemingly contradictory notions of local versus global, rural versus urban, and also to displacements in the territory. From the living to the geological, from gardening to wilderness, from home to pastureland, shepherds and other residents will guide our steps. Links with the city and tourism, as much as any other interaction, are considered artistic material. There will be an encounter with artists exploring pastoralism and transhumance – Draille and Beyond the Country – Till Roeskens and Elsa Noyons. Visits to the Maison Musée Alexandra David-Neel, the CAIRN (Centre d’Art Informel de Recherche sur la Nature) and the Musée Gassendi are planned (works by A.Goldswothy, R.Nonas, Paul-Armand Gette, herman de vries …)  Preparatory weekends: 29-30 January and 24-25 March 2023. This workshop is led by Cairn and its co-artistic director Charles Garcin. The Cairn, Gassendi Museum and Alexandra David-Neel House make up AMBULO, a structure of the commune of Digne les Bains. The Gassendi Museum project, led for over 20 years by Nadine Gomes, has become an emblematic project of artistic action in rural and mountain areas (A. Goldsworthy, herman de vries, Paul Armand Getty, Richard Nonas and many artists have already collaborated with this project).